Just Right

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So I was cleaning one of the guest rooms on the east side of the house and I noticed how different the light was compared to our sun-kissed room on the southwest. The atmosphere here is cool and restrained, yet likeable and comforting. Intuitively I leaned towards Sweden for my styling exercise and added some soft blue-grey and white combinations to the room. Quite an interesting development for me, as I often find the pared-down Scandinavian aesthetic a tad boring. Too safe, lacking in umph and personality. But I liked the effect it had on the room and I came across the concept of lagom.


Lagom is Swedish for ‘just the right amount’. In design terms it could be translated as ‘less is more’. It’s a celebration of quality, long-lasting items and moderation.  I guess there’s some likeness between lagom and Japan’s wabi-sabi philosophy. As the photos attest, they hold a similar invitation to contemplation and reverie. Who knew, in my quest for balance I might be open to dreaming nordic style too.







  1. Can I sleep in the Lagom room then? You are very talented Veronique! Enjoy the calm of Lescure and the joy of having time to spend in such a special place toguether with Thomas. Besos

    • The room is yours, Ana. There’s still no electricity and heating (we just learned we won’t get the vintage radiators until January), so you’ll have to manage with candles and…bring a hot water bottle!

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