Through A Soulful Lens

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Lescure has taught me that houses can embody the pain of previous owners and their experiences. Rest assured; this is not the beginning of a ghost story about the haunting of a long-abandoned château. This is a tale of my quest to preserve within its walls ancient memories while infusing a modern sensibility. The bittersweet beauty of old and new, of loss and longing.

When we happened upon it, the house stood silent and proud, wary of visitors. The château had endured neglect and abuse. Stripped of most of its mantles and anything that could be carted off and sold or repurposed. This gave us the chance to embark on something fresh. Instead of solely respecting the way the estate once was or creating a new, joyful home that reflects our individual style, we chose to listen to the house itself. What does this grande dame yearn for in this phase of her journey?


So, here we are listening to the whispers of the past. Trying to intertwine the echoes of the lives that once inhabited this place with our present reality. And we have learned the hard way that Lescure is not inclined to hurry. She remains unmoved by our failures and mistakes, showing no sympathy. Then again, she rewards us with the serenity of her imperfect beauty when we do get it right. Like when artists come to visit, stay, and create. To wander and imagine.

Case in point, our friend and photographer Peter Stigter, whose artwork now graces the walls. Inspired by the timeless essence of the château and our mutual love for fashion, he has soulfully blended my melancholic disposition with his rebellious spirit.

Dark and romantic Ann Demeulemeester in our bedroom. An Alexander McQueen model adorned with feathers – an otherworldly bird about to transform – on the second floor. In the hallway a woman wearing the most beautiful green Givenchy dress leaves a dark warehouse and appears to glide swiftly up the elegant château staircase. She is always by my side as I walk up these stairs awkwardly, clad in worn work boots and dungarees. The edgy lady wearing Prada in the petit salon gazes at the view, seamlessly blending into the landscape she is looking at. You can tell she finds joy in the sunsets. Upon leaving the yoga room, a Dries van Noten mirror beckons, offering a portal to another realm. Is it the past calling, or a future that has always existed?

The walls whisper their approval of these new artworks that draw us into a world imbued with introspection and longing. They weave into the rich tapestry of the house’s history, embodying the delicate balance between past and present, light and shadow, joy and sorrow. To me this is where the magic happens – when you get to work and play together with another creative person. And are rewarded with a glimpse into a deeper world, where dreams and memories entwine in the most unexpected of ways.


To learn more about Peter's work in the world of fashion or to commission your own personal work of art, check out
Instagram: @teampeterstigter

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