Our Dream Guiding People Home To Themselves

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We are Thomas van Praag and Véronique Van Hoye, custodians of the nourishing spirit at Domaine Lescure in the beautiful French village of Lapanouse-de-Cernon.

Thomas & Veronique on Terrace

On the estate, we welcome people who are seeking inspiration for their personal growth. They are guests in our home and fellow travelers on our journey.

We host and create custom retreats for individuals and small groups, sometimes in cooperation with other teachers and coaches. The entire estate is our playing ground. From morning meditation in the chapel to chopping wood in the old orchard, from one-on-one coaching in the orangery to group work around our kitchen table, the possibilities are endless.

We believe Domaine Lescure can do for others what it has done for us: guide people home to themselves by reconnecting them to nature and by immersing them in beauty.

House View From Chapel
Wood Storage
Close Up Marquis
France Castle Fireplace
Chateau Spiral Stairs
House & Basin
Orangery Overgrown
Kitchen June 2018
Terrace in Snow Overview
2014-10-16 01.26.44
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For more than a year, Thomas courted and wooed the estate. Countless were the moments when he wanted to abandon the whole crazy idea of buying 44 hectares of land and a handful of ruined buildings, but the place kept tugging at his heart, teaching him to trust his inner voice, think differently and connect to new feelings. 

In 2014, after a year of sleepless nights, filled with dreams and nightmares alike, we took a leap of faith. Gone were the days of corporate life and we embarked on the adventure to re-inspire Domaine Lescure. We began restorations and set out to create a magical environment of simple and natural beauty, spirituality and peace.


After 40 years of abandonment and neglect, Domaine Lescure was in no hurry to reveal itself to us. The estate just stood in liminal space and time, weathered, and totally at ease with its scars. It gave us space to reflect on who we are, teaching us to slow down and move at a gentle pace.  To learn, discover and grow with the land. To let go of perfection and embrace our flaws.

We started dreaming of inviting people into our journey, of creating the opportunity for others to reconnect to who they are in a place where they can simply be. Undoubtedly, our plans for the future will keep changing and evolving, but for now we’re inspired to infuse Domaine Lescure with the practice and energy of diverse traditions.

We’re passionately playing, living and growing in this magical place!

Are you ready to offer yourself an immersive retreat experience? Or arre you a coach or teacher and interested in co-creating a transformative experience? Send a note to info@domainelescure.com and we’ll be in touch.