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By embarking on the adventure to re-awaken a neglected estate in Southern France, we followed our souls’ calling to do what we love. As part of our ongoing journey, we host small-scale and personalised retreats in our French home.

A typical day at Lescure during a group retreat. A two minute film by Team Peter Stigter.

We create transformative experiences for individuals or small groups. We do this ourselves or with other teachers who’ve made it their life purpose to heal hearts, bodies and minds.

We help others grow as we grow ourselves. We believe Domaine Lescure can do for others what it has done for us: reconnect people to who they are at the core through immersive nature and beauty experiences. We leverage Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy and Forest Bathing, and offer wisdom from the age-old philosophy of Wabi-Sabi for a more connected way of living.

Empty Chairs
What our guests are saying...
"These coaches work from the heart: it really affected me."
- CEO fulfillment company (UK)
Shadow Door
"The entire setting is grounding. It brought me the peace of mind that I needed for real introspection."
Second Floor Candles
"Highly recommended for those who want to reflect. And for those who do not shy away from decisions."
- Senior Change Manager (BE)
Spiral Staircase
"The set-up was very unconventional: I have never experienced something this special and I still feel the positive effects.''
Tree in Golden Hour
"On Shinrin-Yoku: the wisdom of the tree was an epiphany for me."
First Floor
"The best programme I have ever done. It was one big highlight."
- Senior Sales Director Airline (GE)
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