Perfect Pickings

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As newbies to orchard life we took our first steps in pruning Lescure’s neglected fruit trees earlier this year. With autumn on its way, we were curious to find what Mother Nature had in store for us. What could be more satisfying than picking deliciously ripe fruit in your own orchard? Think sloe berries, apples and pears. Think juicy, crunchy and sweet. Surely our tender love and care combined with the warm days and cool nights of summer had created the perfect conditions for rich pickings? Thomas bought an old wooden ladder especially for the harvest and as we carried it into the orchard we were lost in thoughts of cider, fresh juices, jams and pies.

So, what did we find? Some trees are bursting with fruit, others are struggling. We have many different varieties of apples and pears, which we’re eager to determine. A lot of the fruit is worm-eaten and right off the tree most of it is a little too tart for eating out of hand. The villagers have told us that cider was produced at the property in the old days, so maybe the tartness is typical of cider fruit. Perhaps the apples are supposed to be downright inedible in their natural form. We’ve stored some in the castle’s cellar to see how the flavour develops. In any case, Thomas was inspired to try some cider making of his own. Our friend Boukje collected kilos of apples and pears for Thomas to wash, cut and press. Fermentation is now in full swing and we can’t wait to taste the result. Stay tuned!








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