Scaffolding Sculptures

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Most everything can inspire. To quote fashion designer Paul Smith: “You can find inspiration everywhere and if you can’t, look again”. My current obsession is scaffolding and I’m indulging in arty photos of it. I’m seeing skeletal sculptures and pattern everywhere – geometric shapes, spires and grids. There’s the pipes encrusting the old bridge at the entrance of our domain, where Jean-Philippe and his team are making sure the old stones won’t collapse under the weight of work trucks. There’s Thomas high up in the air, safeguarding old beams from further damage by rain leaking through the roof. And there’s the construction frames at our friends Yves-Olivier and Annie’s place. They’ve been working on medieval Château de Galinières for 33 (!) years. The scaffolding is a necessary condition for mundane work. We just need to be patient before it vanishes to reveal new beauty created by loving restoration. In the meantime, scaffolding impresses me in its own right.

Château de Galinières is privately owned, but it’s open to visitors, check it out if you’re in the Aveyron.


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