Wild Orchid

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Nothing gives my soul a lift like flowers in a meadow. Spring has sprung! The temperatures warm up and the estate grounds are at their most picturesque; a riotously colourful mix of lush green fields and native wildflowers. One treasure we’ve found is the wild orchid. We’re located in the Grands Causses and because the area is mainly limestone, orchids thrive here and live in harmony with meadow grasses. There’s even an Aveyron orchid that is only found on the Causse Larzac.

In the Bible and other scriptures flowers carry memory-knowledge from ancient times. Imagine going through the meadows trying to discover the inner truth of each flower. Like a hummingbird, you’d go from petal to petal, breathing in each perfume to see what image or thought it provokes. If orchids can convey a message to us and inform our plans for Lescure, the orchid whispers tales of magnificence, love, beauty and refinement.

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