An Affair of the Heart

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Lescure didn’t draw me in immediately. Not love at first sight. Rather, I hated the estate for disrupting my life and for more than a year I tried to ignore its presence. I pushed it away like an insecure woman would with a man she feels is miles out of her league. How could I ever be mistaken for a châtelaine? Thomas on the other hand was in from day one, head over heels. He fought like a lion to conquer the château and bring back the love that was almost lost when it was left to ruins. Through him Lescure kept tugging at my heart, pulling on my spirit to get me to listen.

So here I am, following both Thomas and Lescure, trying to trust that this mad adventure is taking me exactly where I need to go. Truth be told, I struggle living a bold life that’s led by our dreams. It often seems easier to throw in the towel and go back to something safer and far less taxing. I now know of sleepless nights and heated arguments with tears of frustration and fear – lovers are fighters, right? But I also know of a deep, reassuring undertow. It reveals itself in the enduring love of Thomas and in the estate’s beautiful imperfection, drying my tears with its warm, promising whisper, telling me to have faith because somehow Lescure sees and knows what I cannot even begin to imagine.


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