A New Decade

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I find myself in an unbelievable place.

This misty December morning I lit candles thoughout the house, on the stone stairs and the marble sills. I’m intent on leaving them there all day, to burn out slowly during this night that marks the arrival of a new decade.

New to our château collection of lanterns and sconces is a vase which used to belong to Thomas’ mother. He fitted it on the handrailing of the staircase to replace the original ornament that vanished long before we arrived. And so, with every year that passes, more and more people fill the house with their memories and stories.

Our biggest story this year is made up of the beautiful moments we had during the Domaine Lescure retreats. Thank you, friends and fellow coaches Jos, Niels-Peter and Vincent, for coming out to create and play with us! And thank you, beautiful guests, for your open hearts, excitement and enthusiasm!

We’re hoping these have been the first of many retreats. We want to bring about other experiences that are equally inspiring. So, this year, next to the made-to-measure leadership events and Now What, stays focused on exploring what’s next in life, we will be hosting Breathing Space, retreats focused on self-care for a more mindful life. Different yes, but all très Lescure: grounded by nature and immersed in beauty.

Happy New Decade, everybody!

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  1. Veronique, what a fitting and beautiful solution for the stairs!

    Wishing you, Thomas and your future guests an inspirational 2020 (no hollow phrase in your case 🙂 ) at Lescure.

    • Your words mean a lot to me, thank you, Frank. Best wishes for you too!

  2. . . . . . and the house sighs . . . . of joy . . . a soothing and soft joy . . . . . . caressing the atmosphere . . . . . becoming

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