Breathing Space Ready To Recharge?

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Would you like to access your best self to inspire others? Do you want to feel less busy, yet accomplish more? Do you want to replenish your mind and soul to improve decision making and coping skills?

Domaine Lescure offers 4 days of Breathing Space, to decompress and reconnect with your true self and with what really matters to you.

Watch our short film to get an impression of a retreat at Lescure.

As custodians of the nourishing spirit at Domaine Lescure, Thomas will ground you in nature (shinrin-yoku or forest bathing) and Véronique will immerse you in the beauty of the everyday (wabi-sabi).

Together with personal leadership coach Jos Weesjes and yoga nidra (restorative meditation) teacher Wendy Manders we will help you to create a vision of a more balanced life. With practical ways to make this a reality once you leave the retreat. No yoga or meditation experience is required.

BREATHING SPACE –  A retreat for a balanced life,

Terrace Maple Blosson B Verheij
When's the last time...
you welcomed life as it is?
Maple Leave Imprint
When's the last time...
you embraced the beauty of your blemishes?
Thomas in Fruit Tree
When's the last time...
you said yes to things you've never done before?
Inside the Woods
When's the last time...
you allowed yourself to be touched by nature?
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With ample experience of life – you’re a busy professional or entrepreneur, you’re ready to prioritise self-care to increase your overall well-being  and performance. Now is the time to try out different healing practices to create a life that reflects your greatest priorities.

This retreat is for you if you:

  • You want to experience more joy and balance in life
  • You want to put healthy habits in place
  • You want to shift out of overwhelm or fatigue
  • You feel ‘addicted’ to distractions (smart phones, news, social media, doing things…)

Join 4 inspirational teachers for some Breathing Space, a bespoke retreat at Domaine Lescure to learn, heal and grow in a blend of group and private sessions and reflective self-work. The estate offers space in abundance, the retreat offers time to tend to the self.

When? Contact us at for information on our latest schedule.



This is a 4 day 4 night bespoke experience, a self-discovery journey with a difference.

We will take you off the grid to practice meditation and self-care techniques, like yoga nidra and transformational breathing. Rediscover stillness, restful sleep, and healthy food. We will encourage you to open all your senses and reconnect with nature and the beauty of everyday life. Let us take you out of your mind, emotions and thoughts into a more embodied and calmer state.

The retreat is invigorating in contact with others, silent in contact with yourself. You will leave feeling both more connected to yourself, and to nature. You can bring your learnings back to your daily life – a mindful attention to what you need to be effective — resulting in greater peace of mind, strong results, and better relationships.


Our retreats are exclusive – only 6 participants per retreat, because we want to personalise our approach based on you, your history and your desired outcomes. Our programme will be carefully designed to best meet your needs. You are staying in a private home, sharing meals around the kitchen table or on the terrace. You have a private suite and facilities and have exclusive use of the entire property: 44 hectares of natural beauty, right in the middle of the Parc des Grands Causses, a UNESCO world heritage site.


A team of 4 teachers offers a unique combination of entrepreneurship, corporate know-how, executive coaching skills, healing, creativity and intuition and will be there for you every step of the way.

We will encourage you to spend time with others, listen and share, but there will also be moments of solitude and silence as these are essential to process what is happening. Next to the group workshops there will be individual coaching and one-on-one meditation.

To make sure that the transformation you’ve made during your time with us continues when you return home, one of us will follow up with you for a coaching or meditation session after the retreat. Download the Teachers Bio here.


For more information or an intake call, please contact us +31 (0)6 54685803 or