Zen Attic

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Making your way up through the narrow servant’s staircase, you’d be forgiven for thinking we have a secret temple hidden away in Lescure’s attic. As the small steps take you into the top reaches of the castle, the first thing you see is a spherical shape. Six rooms are connected and interwoven with a central dome that allows natural light to stream through the castle’s hallway. Of course, the roof still leaks in places and the glass on top of the dome needs changing, but we’ve already replaced the floors and repaired sagging support beams. We’ve also treated the entire attic for an infestation of beetles like the old house borer and other wood destroying insects. Now that the toxic clouds of insecticide have disappeared, a Zen-like loft is revealed.

Curving and round, it’s tempting to think of the dome’s perfect architectural shape as a cosmic symbol in the attic’s simple sacred space. But perhaps I’m getting a little carried away here. Still, in one meditation technique a person’s mind is compared to an attic, which you can declutter and clear of dust, your daily thoughts and worries. Just open side windows and allow a gentle breeze to swirl in, with thoughts just coming and going. You can also organise the attic and store your bigger worries in life in a far corner. At least while you’re meditating and relaxing. Our dome may not be the threshold to the spiritual world  (after all, I will be drying our laundry up here among the resident bats and their droppings), but I love that we’ve cleared Lescure’s mind, making sure that it resides healthily over our guests should they wish to put their mental chaos to rest.


  1. Looking forward to putting it to the test when we bring our mental chaos with us next month!

  2. Je beeldende tekst en prachtige beelden zijn al een soort van meditatie. Dankjewel. Marja

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