Weathered, but standing proudly

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After a year of sleepless nights, filled with dreams and nightmares alike, it’s ours in all its imperfect beauty.

For more than a year, Thomas courted and wooed the estate. Countless were the moments when he wanted to abandon the whole crazy idea, but Lescure kept tugging at his heart, teaching him to trust his inner voice and connect to new feelings. So, yes, we have bought Domaine Lescure with all its buildings and 44 hectares of woodland and forest. We are now ‘châtelain et châtelaine’! The greatest leap of faith we’ve ever taken.






  1. This is so so beautiful….the place, the persistence, the dream. It makes me cry right now for some reason. Having lived in Southwest France many years ago – on a farm similar looking to this… stirs up longing, So happy for your dream fulfilled – and the wonders you will make of it. May I visit? And perhaps help with the land? (friend’s of Max)

  2. It was so nice to meet you on skype yesterday, Thomas. I bet Doris will visit some day!

  3. What wonderful courage you both have! So many people dream of doing something like this and lose heart or become overwhelmed by self-doubt and negative voices. You are made of stronger stuff. You know who would love this for you? Cynthia. How I wish she were still here to see you accomplish this great adventure. She would be your first visitor. Congratulations and may you enjoy many joyful years of discovery in this beautiful place.

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