The Art Of Lingering

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In the spirit of escapism (I’m bogged down by tedious administrative tasks and tax filing requirements), we backtrack to last week’s lounging time.

On perfect summer days Lescure holds an invitation to slow down and reconnect with your inner stillness. Sadly, Thomas and I often ignore the estate’s siren voices that beckon us to relax. To take a nap in a gently rocking hammock, lazily wander the grounds in complete silence, appreciate the sunlight, and study oversized dragonflies hovering over the pond. There always seems to be something else to do. A self-imposed deadline to meet. A workaholic itch to scratch.

Inevitably, there’s always a point in our restoration schedule where we start procrastinating, semi-consciously put more space between things and allow ourselves to have a lower pace. Friends, en route to the deep south of France, drop by in full holiday mode and as they take naps, make time to read and prepare slow meals, we feel inspired to unplug too.

Thomas, looking slightly off the planet, discovers hot tubbing first thing in the morning as the gentlest way to greet the day. No matter that the tub is not finished yet; the water is deliciously warm and a bird chorus accompanies quiet reflection. I indulge in the soft abundance of the early morning sun and end up taking my first nap of the day well before breakfast. No plan or agenda, just pure joy, mixed in with a little exhaustion. As always, the more we let go of our inner rush, the more we get done.

Here’s to reclaiming the lost art of lingering! It takes courage and discipline. And a little help of friends.

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