Studies in Stillness

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Remember that toy bunny – the one that just keeps going and going? That’s Thomas at Lescure. Bounding out of bed in the morning, embracing the new day, raring to go. There are roofs to be mended, trees to be cut and holes to be dug. I’m told he was a high-energy toddler, engaging with one thing for a couple of moments before something else would catch his eye and he’d be off to investigate. As an adult he continues to jump between different interests on a daily basis. And it’s infectious. I love living with this man who plays with fervour, endlessly plugged into the recharge dock. Sometimes exhausting, but always exhilarating.

We bought Lescure to turn it into a centre for those who seek stillness and beauty. So, why are we rushing around? Frenetically cramming in all we can, getting the maximum number of things done before sunset? Piles of spiritual books remain untouched for weeks. My yoga mat sits in a corner and eyes me reproachfully. Turns out that even in idyllic surroundings it takes conscious effort to push back against the tide of productivity madness. Luckily, Lescure is a wise and patient teacher. Firmly embedded in the southern way of life, the estate simply refuses to be rushed and gently forces us to fall in with the natural rhythm of the universe. Making haste through the orchard? We’re stopped dead in our tracks by the sunlight that strikes the trees. The chainsaw won’t start again after a break? Extra time to enjoy our tea in silence and follow a butterfly’s flight.The deliveryman never shows up with something we need?  Better linger in the hammock and listen to the birdsong. Lescure’s voice is a soft, but intense whisper, making sure we don’t run so fast to get somewhere, we miss out on the beauty of the journey.



  1. I love your stories, they are such a joy to read. For a brief moment I am transported to Lescure….

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