Sense of Snow

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In our first year at Lescure we feel it’s important to experience its charms in any season. This winter brought along the gift of snow. A fresh layer of snow covered the incredible scenery of the estate and provided the opportunity to capture some unique scenes on camera. Each night, after a hard and freezing days’ work, we warmed up in front of the fireplace, allowing beautiful music to get into our cold bones. Our friend Willem introduced us to ‘50 Words for Snow’ by Kate Bush. Inspired by the quietly beautiful surroundings, no doubt. The album consists of seven songs set against a backdrop of falling snow. No singer is better at conjuring up poetically bizarre new worlds. Being immersed in Kate’s hymns to winter on our estate with all trees crusted with snow is an experience I won’t lightly forget.

Dream Tea

Ms. Bush inspired me to play out my own fairytale, so the next day I set up for afternoon tea on the lawn. The ingredients? An antique white linen cloth, the finest bone china from Tipperary and the backdrop of our chapel in the snow. The elegant scene was further complemented by the presence of rugged-looking Thomas and Willem on a break from demolishing a wall. The china is a castlewarming gift from our Irish friend Noreen. From her needles also came a traditional tea cozy made from super soft and warm Aran yarn. Also note the plate of castle made waffles. They were absolutely delicious! Keep an eye on this blog for the recipe.

@Noreen & Willem: Thank you dear friends, for contributing your love and creativity to the whimsical spirit of Lescure!


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  1. It was my pleasure, Veronique. A cup of tea makes everything better 🙂

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