Mundane Matters

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In this project I sometimes feel a bit left out. There’s so much to do for Thomas in terms of remodeling and repair, and so little for me with regard to interior design and decoration. I realise that a large restoration project takes time, but I do need to keep myself motivated. So when Thomas was grumbling about the state of the outside loo next to the hunting lodge, this was my big chance and I grabbed it with both hands. When he first broke open the door to the toilet, it was covered in cob webs, dirt and dust. Generations of ‘loirs’ (edible dormice) had camped there and had quite obviously never mastered the art of opening the toilet seat lid and flushing. Their droppings were literally everywhere. They did use all the toilet paper for soft nests. Thomas cleared the space and cleaned it, he even had to resort to using high-pressure cleaning equipment.

Leftover Luxuries

The outside bathroom is small and functional, but I see no reason why it shouldn’t be big on style. I went through a pile of items that are left over from previous interiors. The Belgian theatre mirror that once reflected the face of many an amateur actress? The Thousand and One Night’s lamp that was gathering dust in our attic? That decorative ceiling tile from India? An antique trunk without a bottom, which I got for free at a local antiques dealer? I repurposed and reused it all. The result: a tranquil retreat of a latrine, eclectic and bohemian.

From Wikipedia: Edible dormice are so called because the Romans snacked on them, keeping them in special jars and fattening them up with chestnuts and acorns for the table. Their bushy tails lend a squirrel-like appearance that is further enhanced by their dexterity in climbing and leaping through the trees of European forests. As the weather cools down during late autumn, edible dormice go into hibernation in underground tunnels, often in family groups. During this time their body heat drops by 98% and they breathe between one and three times per minute.

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  1. Veronique, you are unique to create magic places. Well done! Wonderful result of your decoration. Besos!

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