Life’s a peach

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Lescure’s orchard has been left to brambles for too many years and you can hardly see the old fruit trees through the undergrowth, bush and wildings of other species. Still, it’s a magical place and it takes on a life of its own at different times of day. The early-morning light filtering through the trees makes everything look lively and fresh. Late afternoon is soft, comforting and forgiving before the chill and melancholia of night sets in. There’s an owl that hoots its presence once the moon is up and the trees, small and twisty or dauntingly tall, take on a haunted quality.


In our first spring, we’re focusing on clearing out the orchard and removing dead and diseased branches. We’re learning about the different pruning systems for different types of fruit, setting each tree on its path to recovery and its proper shape. Here too we need to take it slow. It’s impossible to fix years of neglect in one season. Turns out you can actually over-excite a tree (!) and it will only produce vegetative growth with no fruit. Of course, we couldn’t resist the temptation of planting new life. At the nursery Thomas chose a peach tree for its beautiful blossom and because he loves its juicy fruit. I quite like the fact that peaches are representable of paradise, long life and fertility. Here’s to lush abundance at Lescure in the years to come, reaping the rewards of enjoyment of the path we’ve taken.


  1. And it is even more beautiful in reality! Can’t wait to see how the fruit trees recover this spring from their long neclect. Frank

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