Let there be light

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Thomas opening the blinds first thing in the  morning for natural light and fresh air. The house is just craving sun, energy and life. Be gone, ghosts of the past!

monsieur Pic-Vert

See the holes in the shutters? These are caused by le pic-vert, the green woodpecker. A simple Google search reveals several dozen of sites with tips on how to stop woodpecker damage and sleepless mornings  ”as soon as you hear the first tap”. Aluminium foil strips, plastic owls, electronic distress systems, and nylon netting are just some of the options. And Thomas? He won’t hear of it. He feels the holes are just perfect and add life, charm and character to the château. In fact he believes that he and Monsieur Pic-Vert are destined to become great friends. Stay tuned.



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