Happy 2019!

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So much can happen in one year.

Every year brings changes, but 2018 was truly a whirlwind of emotions and experiences for us. After 4 years of hard work, fun and frustration, we welcomed the first coaches to Lescure. We invited them as our guests to try out our dream and test our concept: to create and host small-scale retreats in cooperation with world-class teachers. They brought us knowledge and expertise, made us laugh and got us crying. But above all, they brought us love and friendship. Warm-hearted souls, thank you! Your generous hearts have changed us forever.

Speaking of love…
I’ve just celebrated my 50th birthday with a special group of friends, who make my heart and face smile. We dressed to the nines and spent the day in a state of elegance and insouciant glamour. We slept in, had birthday cake for breakfast, went for walks on the estate, spent hours in the hot tub and had way too much champagne on the terrace at sunset. Oh, and we danced all night. I feel blessed.

Beautiful people, it’s almost 2019. May your intentions grow and flourish and may your life be fulfilled. Happy New Year!


  1. All the best you two. Stars in a Generous Universe. Thanks for being YOU.

  2. Dearest Thomas and Veronique, I love reading of your great adventure, your frustrations and joys in creating this beautiful space and bringing the old chateau to life. I wish you both a joyous and fulfilling 2019. Happy New Year. Love, Marti

  3. Dear Thomas and Veronique – Thank you for being so welcoming and open to the people you receive. You have made a beautiful place of Lescure: full of love, style and warmth. May 2019 bring a continuation of all your successes! Love, Stefan

  4. Dearest beautiful couple! Knowing you, this sacred place Lescure and what we Red Zebra’s engaged being with you, was a real highlight this past year for me personally. My love and best sincere wishes for you two for 2019.

  5. Wishing you both a wonderful 2019 -that your dreams continue to grow into your reality. And Happy birthday Veronique! Fabulous Fifty!

  6. Bonne et Heureuse année 2019 à vous deux.
    Félicitation à Véronique pour ce passage symbolique sur le fil des 50 !
    Vous avez ressucité tranquillement et avec persévérance, telle la “Belle au bois dormant”, le domaine de Lescures… Il s’est éveillé et désormais nécessite votre constance pour s’épanouir toujours davantage.
    Quelle responsabilité ! Alors bon courage à vous deux et que vos rêvent se prolongent ainsi en harmonie avec ce site remarquable.

  7. Hi Veronique & Thomas,
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful blog and ” blessed picture”. Goodbye 2018 and hello 2019. I wish you both many ” sacred source events and that many people who want to experience SOURCE may find their way to Lescure.
    warmest, Peter Paul

  8. Looking very glamorous, guys! And here’s wishing you both a very happy and healthy 2019. Cheers, Shaun

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