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When the going gets tough…
Say, a sewage spill, a ceiling tumbling down, or tons of gravel deposited right in front of your garage door…Head into the orchard. In spring. Bring a friend. Meditate in wildflowers. Take a stroll.

Although Lescure’s orchard still needs a lot of work – cleaning, thinning and pruning –  it’s already stunningly beautiful in any kind of light and season. The month of May gave us one of nature’s showstoppers: the magic spectacle of fruit trees in riotous bloom.

Enclosed by soft green foliage, all trees, even the old gnarled ones, have erupted with fresh blossoms. My walk brings to me a tender wistfulness. Back to those early and fancy-free days when Thomas and I frolicked about in a cherry orchard in Andalusia, blossoms flurrying down on us like pink snow. It also brings dreams of the future, in which guests of Lescure saunter about or roll out their yoga mats surrounded by butterflies dancing over the fields. My calm restored and my zest renewed, I take my attention firmly back to the present and to the mundane drama of our venture. Ready to create new memories!


  1. What a joy to see the orchard come to life again, after freeing all its fruit trees from the overgrowth and after pruning them all so lovingly and carefully! Can’t wait to drink the cider you will be able to produce now…

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