2021 Is Here

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This past year has been both long and short all at once. Both charmed and disenchanted. Both brilliant and dark.

Here on the estate we suspended our retreat plans, which gave us pause to reflect about where we are heading, and the opportunity to just be present without distractions. Still, we’ve also been steadily working. Small chores we usually struggle to find time for, like weeding borders. And big jobs, like restoring the old bread oven. Ticking off tasks on the list, anything to keep motivation up and worry at bay in times of lockdown.

In this time where many are tested beyond measure, Thomas and I are grateful for our existence at Lescure, infused with stillness, beauty and nature. Reminded of the frailty of life, we’re noticing the seasons with all our senses and have a new appreciation of the simple things that matter. Experiences in the pandemic encourage all of us to rewire the world and our lives for the better if we let it. Here’s hoping we’ll do it with love, care and attention.

May 2021 bless you with health and happiness. Stay well, stay positive, and see and hug you soon!



  1. Wishing you both a Happy and Healthy 2021. Enjoy the peace.

  2. Wat een heerlijke foto! Voor jullie saampjes ook de beste wensen voor 2021 met een goede gezondheid en liefde.

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