Soulful 2018!

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Oh, that moment you wake up to snow!

My racing thoughts finally slow down as Lescure falls quiet with a silence that gently brushes against my frozen cheeks. Time to embrace winter, time for rest and reflection.

Looking back on 2017, I feel proud, excited, exhausted and blessed. Proud about what we have learned and achieved. Excited about new ideas and the plans we have for next year. Exhausted because we had a punishing schedule and never stopped working. And blessed because we’re living this great adventure, carried on the wings of our love, standing on the broad shoulders of friends. Pride, excitement and bliss are welcome to stay, but I’m getting rid of exhaustion.

One friend’s love of art, mixed in with a great dose of tenderness, taught me to accept and embrace my vulnerability in this project. Another friend’s calm and peace reminded me of the old wisdom that no matter how fast our bodies can move forward, our souls always need to catch up.*

So, Happy New Year!
Here’s to love and friendship. Here’s to putting heart and soul into what you do. Here’s to vulnerability. And here’s to our souls catching up.

*The story of Waiting for our Souls to Catch Up comes in many varieties. Here's just one version I found online:‘An archaeologist hired Inca tribesmen to lead him to an archaeological site deep in the mountains. After they had been moving for some time the tribesmen stopped and insisted they would go no further. The archaeologist grew impatient and then angry. But no matter how much he cajoled, the tribesmen would not go any further. Then, after some time, the tribesmen changed their attitude. They picked up the gear and set off once more. When the archaeologist asked why they had stopped and refused to move for so long, the tribesmen answered, “We had been moving too fast and had to wait for our souls to catch up.”


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  1. A little too late, but we wish you a soulful 2018 too! With all the hard work and lifetime events, I’m sure Lescure gave you the rest and peace you needed over the festive season. Now heading for full winter, and Spring is there to come!

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