Silken treasures

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What a beautiful thing a nursery is. Full of life and little ones. Unless perhaps they’re spiderlings? The other day, I came across these egg sacks in the château’s cellars and once I put my initial unease aside, I took plenty of time to examine them closely. It may have looked as if I was frozen by some darkly gothic fear, but I actually found myself mesmerized by the delicate beauty of these translucent cocoons. Just imagine the quiet serenity of the old cave-like walls, a female spider carefully and slowly preparing a cocoon of silk, laying her eggs and softly gluing it closed so her young can develop under the protection of silk threads.

I think we’re housing the completely harmless European cave spider, the Meta Menardi. Deep dark cellars, often those of historic buildings, are very much their preferred habitat. They do not like disturbance and as they are the orginal kings of our castle, I hope we can leave them in peace throughout our restoration works.

There’s more poetry to be found underground. Equally peaceful are the old whicker wine bottles (quite empty, alas) I found lined up in the same room. Dark, moist, and cool, there’s plenty of space to house and build a collection of fine wines.

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