Private IFS Retreats Reconnect with Self and Life

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You’ve accomplished more than most. You’ve celebrated the highs in your life, you’ve learned from the lows. And yet, something is missing. You wonder…

  • Why people see you as successful, while you feel stuck
  • Whether you’re on the right path
  • Why you can’t stop working
  • Whether you’re  addicted to distractions (news, social media..)
  • Why you feel resentment about things you’re doing
  • How to avoid a burn-out, or how to recover from one

Perhaps this is the moment to offer yourself an immersive retreat experience.

Terrace Maple Blossom B Verheij
When's the last time...
you welcomed life as it is?
Frank & Wendy in Deep Conversation
When's the last time...
you've felt really connected?
Frank and Ethan Land Rover
When's the last time...
you said yes to things you've never done before?
Maple Leave Imprint
When's the last time...
you embraced the beauty of your blemishes?
Inside the Woods
When's the last time...
you allowed yourself to be touched by nature?
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Throughout the year, at dates that suit you, Domaine Lescure offers Private IFS Retreats. Together with you, we build a retreat experience to help you hit the pause button and reconnect with what really matters to you.

We leverage Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy and Forest Bathing, and offer wisdom from the age-old philosophy of Wabi-Sabi for a more connected way of living. This personalised retreat is a total immersion in nature and beauty, geared towards guiding you on a journey of self-discovery. The Lescure estate offers space in abundance and total privacy, the retreat offers time to tend to the Self.

Contact us today to find out if this is for you and we will call you at your convenience:


What is Internal Family Systems (IFS)


Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an up and coming transformative model to explore our inner system.

It is based on the premise that the human mind is multiple by nature – and fortunately so! That it consists of parts interacting with each other and the outside world, just like members of a family do. Underlying these parts is the Self, compassionate, calm, curious, creative… the Self can never be harmed.

Parts protect the system, without them we would not function. But, especially when wounded, they can take on extreme roles and act in a destructive way.

Nonetheless, parts always have a positive intent.

IFS takes a non-pathologising stance. People might have (wounded) parts who got stuck in the past, but all healing resources are within each of us and can be accessed by turning to these parts with curiosity and Self energy.

IFS is most often used as a transformative, evidence-based psychotherapy, but it is also a thoroughly beautiful way of looking at life.

Watch dr. Richard Schwartz, founder of IFS explain the role of Self and parts.





This is a bespoke experience, a self-discovery journey tailored to your needs. The minimum stay is 3 days, but your retreat can be as long as you need. Other guests who value privacy as much as you do may be present, but never more than two. You can also opt for the exclusive use of our entire property: 44 hectares of natural beauty, right in the middle of the Parc des Grands Causses, a UNESCO world heritage site. You are staying in our private home, sharing meals around the kitchen table or on the terrace. You have a private suite and facilities

Your hosts are Thomas van Praag and Véronique Van Hoye, the custodians of the nourishing spirit at Domaine Lescure. We are both fluent in Dutch, English and French and can offer all retreat activities in these languages. If you want to know more about our backgrounds, check out our bio in PDF.

Thomas conducts the introductory meetings and intakes, and he fine-tunes the retreat with you according to your needs. As the IFS practitioner and Forest Therapy guide, he is in charge of your personal programme throughout your stay. Véronique establishes an inspiring and nurturing environment, superb natural food and creative intuition are guaranteed.

You will get:

  • An introductory meeting.
  • An IFS session before booking.
  • A daily immersion in nature through Shinrin Yoku/Forest Bathing.
  • A daily one-on-one IFS session that takes as long as needed.
  • Plenty of time for integration, rest and relaxation.
  • Embodiment: hammocks, a wood fired hot tub and the yoga/meditation room are at your disposal day and night.
  • Time for play. You’re welcome to join us in the day-to-day of our life on the estate; chopping wood, tending to the orchards, and so on.
  • Follow up coaching/IFS session after the retreat.


Our estate is located in Lapanouse de Cernon in Southern France (1,5 hour drive from Montpellier
or 2,5 hours from Toulouse). See our FAQ for details.


You can also download this information leaflet.

Or contact Thomas van Praag +31 (0)6 54685803 or for more information or a quote.