Primal comforts

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For Thomas, no house is complete without a cozy fire. I guess it’s a primal thing, reminiscent of pre-historic times when people gathered around the fire at the end of day for warmth and protection. For the Lescure estate, Thomas has this dreamy vision. People, energized and excited enough after a full day of seminars or workshops, will chop and gather their own wood so they can continue good conversation for the rest of the night by the fireplace or stove. Or they’ll take a moment to contemplate or meditate, gazing upon the flames as they crackle and burst.

Pyrotechnics for beginners

Jubilant cheers from Thomas as green smoke pours out of one the chimneys of the château. Coloured smoke bombs may be illegal on most soccer fields, but they’re just the ticket if you want to identify any defects which can cause fumes to leak through your masonry chimneys. The game plan? Close all doors and vents. Ignite the smoke bomb according to instructions. With a friend, run up and down the château like madmen and check all rooms for leakage. Breathe a sigh of relief when all is well and celebrate with a glass of wine in front of the soon-to-be fireplace.

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  1. Geweldig, ik heb heel hard moeten lachen zie het zo voor me… Het ziet er fantastisch uit allemaal, kom graag een keertje kijken (en helpen). Veel liefs, Anous

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