Our Dream old Play, love and grow in a magical place

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In October 2014, Thomas van Praag, a Dutch entrepreneur and creative outdoor man, and Véronique Van Hoye, a Belgian-born stylist and lover of all things beautiful acquired Domaine Lescure near Lapanouse de Cernon in France.

Grow, Create and Simply Be

We embarked on an incredible adventure to re-inspire the estate’s castle, other buildings, woodlands and park. Our aim is to create a magical environment of simple and natural beauty, spirituality and peace. In the spirit of the wabi-sabi aesthetic, we want to embrace the flawed and the imperfect. In keeping with the atmosphere of the estate, we intend to move at a gentle pace, allowing us to learn, discover and grow with the property and the land.

Undoubtedly, our plans for the future will keep changing and evolving, but one day we hope to welcome small groups who are seeking inspiration for their personal growth and offer them a beautiful place to work, reflect, create or unwind and simply be.